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It has never been easier to become a homeowner in Central Florida.

RP Funding is already known throughout Florida for its no lender fees guarantee, as well as its promise to pay all closing costs. Now, the Maitland-based mortgage lender is proud to announce its new Approval Butler initiative, designed to put individuals with low or nonexistent credit on a path toward homeownership.

As an intensive 6-month program, the prospective homeowner will work with a certified credit coach to outline step-by-step what will be needed to qualify for a home loan and receive a competitive, affordable interest rate.

Individuals who seek out the help of a financial advisor should expect to pay thousands of dollars. RP Funding, by contrast, is offering this service completely free of charge.

“This is a system we’ve wanted to introduce for years,” says RP Funding President and CEO Robert Palmer. “Everything we’ve offered in the past has always been contingent on credit approval. But what about those who have hit some financial trouble, or those who are still in the early stages of establishing credit? Homeownership shouldn’t be exclusive. It’s not a club. Becoming a homeowner should be, and is, obtainable for anyone willing to work hard.”

In addition to the financial coaching, the Approval Butler also puts the potential buyer in touch with a real estate agent who will be by their side through the entire process. At the conclusion of the program, the agent will be able to match the buyer with a home perfect for their budget and lifestyle.

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Palmer, who also hosts both “Saving Thousands” on 96.5 WDBO and “The Money Minute” segment on 93.3 FLZ, has an extensive history empowering consumers and helping them take control of their finances.

“We all have to play a part in educating consumers about how the financial world works,” he says. “Saving Thousands Rule #4, for example, is ‘don’t abuse credit, but don’t fear it either.’ You can be the most financially conservative individual around, but without responsible use of credit, mortgage companies will have a hard time approving you for a home loan. With the ‘Approval Butler’ program, we want to help individuals create a credit history that will reward them for their good financial habits, not punish them. And if their credit history is less than ideal, we can help them turn around their financial future.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created,” he continues. “I think we’re poised to help a lot of people. The Approval Butler is a culmination of everything we’ve tried to do since the day we opened our doors.”

For details on the Approval Butler program and the various other RP Funding offerings, including the 10 Day Closing Acceleration Program, call 866-765-0765 today to connect directly with a certified agent.